Wine Workshop & Brewing Center

“Wine or beer?”

When asked, Wine Workshop and Brew Center owners Marcia & Gerald were divided in their response.  Marcia who comes from a family of wine lovers and grape growers naturally prefers wine while her husband Gerald who runs the Saturday beginner brewing classes leans towards beer.  However through years of exploring home brewing and wine making, they both agree that great beer & wine can be made at home to reflect the taste of the craftsman.

Wine Shop 1At the Wine Workshop and Brew Center, the knowledgeable staff and owners can guide you through a personalized wine making experience- from selecting the wine variety to bottling and custom labeling your own personal batch of wine.  The shop provides wine making kits of all varieties from vineyards around the world: Australian whites, Californian reds or old world Italian blends- to name a few.  Wine can be made at home with your own equipment or on-site using the winery’s equipment and staff guidance.  In just three sessions over 5-8 weeks, you can take home about 28 bottles of your own custom wine! Who ever said  you had to be a Coppola to see your name on a wine bottle?

And the best part? When you do the math, you’ll find that making your own quality wine is not only an adventure in the art of wine making but it’s economical too.  Once you calculate the cost of the kit, the wine equipment, and bottles, most batches will end up under $10 per bottle.

“I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to have a decent wine,” said Marcia, who admits that she and Gerald often blind taste their custom wines with more expensive store bought comparison wines.  They have been more than pleased with the outcome and are happy share their experiences and favorites with customers.

BeerWhile wine making is the shop’s specialty, the shop is also a dream for any beer-loving homebrewer.   Decatur’s homebrewers have already embraced the specialty products for home brewing: hops, barley, base grains, home brew starter kits and more.  Part of what Marcia and Gerald love most about their new venture is the diverse clientele drawn to the Brew Center.  They welcome everyone from new homebrewers attending the beginner brewing classes, brew hobbyists, and even specialty brew masters looking for a place to supply and nurture their passion for brewing beer.  The selection of quality product is sure to make the Brew Center a destination for homebrewers across Atlanta.

OTP residents themselves, Marcia & Gerald were delightfully surprised when they ventured ITP and discovered East Decatur Station (EDS), the unexpected home for their new business.  As they searched for a location to meet the needs of their unique business, The City of Decatur, EDS & the Decatur residents won them over with their welcoming charm and eagerness to add the Wine Workshop and Brew Center to the Decatur community.  Fully embracing their new community, the Wine Workshop and Brew Center offers a truly original wine making experience and quality ingredients for home brewers of all levels.

Marcia & Gerald shared a few of their favorites.  Stop by for your own glass.  Cheers!

Amarone: Marcia's favorite.  A red Italian blend.  Great for big red lovers.
Amarone: Marcia’s favorite. A red Italian blend. Great for big red lovers.
A peach apricot chardonnay.  A great light summer white.
A peach apricot chardonnay. A great light summer white.
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