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Atlanta Brewery Watch: Orpheus announces location, BlueTarp’s first tours, Roswell’s first breweries, Eventide’s opening, and more


While this Decatur brewery’s wares have been in the market for several months, BlueTarp held its inaugural tour in late August, and its tasting room is nearing the end of its build out. Pouring at that tour was BlueTarp’s Fünk Weisse, a 3 percent alcohol by volume Berliner Weisse, which is the first in the brewery’s wild/funky/sour beer FunkieTarp Series. Brewer Tom Stahl says he hopes to have the series’ second beer ready soon, but that these two will be the exception to the rule.

“Most of the FunkieTarp beers will be funked in barrels and will take six months to two years to get where they need to go,” he says. “We have 1500 square feet of space next to our tasting room which will be used for barrel storage and aging. Some in the series will be wild and spontaneous while some will be cultured.”

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