2752 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue Tenants

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Atlanta Meal Prep 2752 – A1 atlantamealprep.com 404.805.4726
Roots and Blooms 2752 – A2 rootsandblooms.com 404.345.4864

Shawntays School of Creative Nails

2752 – B schoolofcreativenails.com 443.839.5977
Atlanta Sports Recovery 2752 – C Atlanta Sports Recovery 678.774.9773
PEC Structural Engineering 2752 – D pecstructural.com 404.660.6022
APS Billing, LLC 2752 – E Apsbilling.com 404.270.9635
Identity Hair Crush 2752 – F identitycrushhair.com 404. 590.4292
Green Gate Marketing 2752 – G greengate-marketing.com 404.919.0708 
My fit 365 2752 – H    
Iwilla Remedy 2752 – I iwillaremedy.com  


ACME Tenants

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Linda Dunlavy 1026-B Atlanta Ave dunlavylawblog.com 404.371.4101
Big Picture Casting 1026-C Atlanta Ave bigpicturecasting.com 404.919.9293

Coming Soon…

1026-D Atlanta Ave    
Coming Soon… 1026-E Atlanta Ave    
SoulShine 525 W. Howard Ave makeyoursoulshine.com 404.919.2796
TREEHOUSE kid and craft 533-A W. Howard Ave treehousekidandcraft.com 706.424.8818
TREEHOUSE kid and craft studio 533-A1 W. Howard Ave treehousekidandcraft.com 706.424.8818
SoulShine 533-A2 W. Howard Ave makeyoursoulshine.com 404.919.2796

Anthony Burrell Center for Dance

533-B W. Howard Ave abdanceco.org 404.883.3312
Athletes’ Potential 533-C1 W. Howard Ave athletespotential.com 770.744.3146 
Trinity Mercantile & Design 533-C2 W. Howard Ave trinity-decatur.com/services 404.378. 0197
Energy Vanguard 533-E W. Howard Ave energyvanguard.com  404.428.3393
Form YOGA 533-D W. Howard Ave FormYOGA.com 678.592.6850
Circa 6 & Associates, LLC 533-F W. Howard Ave    


533-G W. Howard Ave



Thinking Man’s Tavern 537 W. Howard Ave thinkingmantavern.com 404.370.1717


EDS Tenants

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Under The Bough 111 A New Street www.underthebough.com 404.913.603
Ducks Kitchen 111-B/D New Street duckskitchen.com 404.371.8823
East Decatur Station Leasing Office 111-C New Street East Decatur Station 404.377.3095
Jazzercise Decatur Fitness Center 114-A New Street jcls.jazzercise.com 770.329.0876
Coming Soon… 114-B New Street



  114-C1 New Street    
  114-C2 New Street    
  114-D1 New Street    
  114-D2 New Street    

Coming Soon…

114-E New Street championnewspaper.com 404.373.7779
Coming Soon… 114-F New Street    
Primary Care Chiropractic          Dr. Rick Morton 114-H New Street primarydc.com 404.377.2423
Coming Soon… 114-I New Street    
Coming Soon… 114-J New Street rocketcamp.com 404.565.1903 
Sycamore Consulting, Inc. 114-K1 New Street sycamoreconsulting.net  404.377.9147
Decatur Therapy Solutions 114-K2 New Street decaturtherapysolutions.com 404.378.1251
Coming Soon… 114-L New Street    
Coming Soon… 114-M New Street    
Ursula Wiedmann Models 115-A New Street ursulawiedmannmodels.com 404.378.1804
21st Century Leaders 115-B New Street 21stcenturyleaders.org 404.373.7441
Connected Alternative 115-C New Street connectedalt.com 404.545.5616
Allstate Insurance – The Rob Enfinger Agency 115-D New Street agents.allstate.com/rob-enfinger-decatur-ga.html 404.537.1343
Three Taverns Craft Brewery 121 New Street threetavernsbrewery.com 404.934.8474
Project Slide 122 New Street projectslide.com 404.228.2974
Relish Marketing 619-A East College Ave relishmarketing.com 404.378.0470
Kokyu Healing Arts, Inc. 619-B East College Ave decaturhealingarts.com 404.378.6288
Office of Design 619-D1 East College Ave officeofdesignarch.com 404.214.5797
Three Taverns -619 619-D2 East College Ave threetavernsbrewery.com 404.600.3355
Green Worldwide Shipping 619-E East College Ave greenworldwide.com 404.974.2910
Mr. Everything 627-A East College Ave mreverythingdecatur.com 404.777.1601
Kingdom Tattoo 627-B East College Ave kingdomtattooatl.com 678.732.0811
Darling & Company 627-C East College Ave darlingandcohair.com 404.373.7775
Corner Pub 627-D East College Ave pubalicious.com 404.377.0603

To The Beat                              EP Architects

627-E East College Ave

tothebeatstudio.com eparchitects.com

Dynamic Resources, Inc. 627-F East College Ave driglobal.com 470.377.8412
Kokyu Healing Arts, Inc. 627-H East College Ave decaturhealingarts.com 404.378.6288 
All Souls Fellowship 647 East College Ave allsoulsfellowship.org 404.270.9900
Life is Labe Rescue 731- A East College Ave    

Coming Soon…

731-B East College Ave    
Wavy Bone Production 731-C East College Ave    
Independent Distilling Co 731-D East College Ave independentdistilling.com 770.842.8100

East Decatur Neighbors

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Coming soon… 134 New Street  
Gravity Gears 138 New Street    
Academe of the Oaks 146-154 New Street academeatlanta.org 404.405.2173
Decatur Hand & Physical Therapy Specialists 141-A Sams Street decaturtherapyspecialists.net 404.296.8511
Coming Soon… 141-A1 Sams Street    
Decatur Community Players 141-B Sams Street DCPkids.org 404.849.5168
Pinnacle Fitness Center 141-B1 Sams Street pinnaclefitnesscenter.com 770.367.2539
Decatur School of Ballet 141-C Sams Street decaturballet.com 404.378.3388

Novus Aeon, LLC.

185-A Sams Street    
Atlanta Barbell Gym 185-B Sams Street atlantabarbellgym.com  678.618.6802
Montessori Academy Decatur 189-A Sams Street MontessoriAcademyDecatur.com 404.320.0400 
Coming Soon… 189-A1 Sams Street     
Community Music Centers of Atlanta 189-B Sams Street cmcatlanta.com 404.377.4166
City of Decatur 189-C Sams Street    
Happy Bunkers 189-D Sams Street    
Life is Labs Rescue, Inc. 715 East College    
Rabern-Nash Carpet One Floor & Home 727 East College rabern-nashcarpetonedecatur.com 678.951.8072
Coming soon… 747-A East College Ave    
Coming Soon… 747-B East College Ave    

Diamond Dust Cupcakes

747-C East College Ave diamonddustcupcakes.com 404.458.5463