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FitWit, Shaping Up Decatur

How FitWit’s Socially-Conscious Approach is Shaping Up Decatur

‘The mission of FitWit Club is to build a community that empowers participants to believe in themselves and strive for success every day.’

Most folks already pay to exercise. What if doing so could also benefit a child’s health? Atlanta-based FitWit is betting on it – and with more than 400 members sweating it up every day, the gamble is paying off.

What started as a cool inner-city program for kids has turned into a community of loyal supporters who not only get in great shape but also help pay for kids to do the same. FitWit summarizes its approach through its core message: Live Fit. Give Fit.

Adult campers “Live Fit” by joining one of the four Atlanta-area group fitness programs located in Grant Park, Midtown/Virginia-Highland, North Druid Hills and Decatur. The Decatur location recently relocated to the Boys & Girls Club in Oakhurst, near East Lake.  This is exciting news for Oakhurst residents. Now you only need to take a few steps out of your front door to receive top-notch workouts from excellent, hands-on FitWit trainers at a variety of convenient times (6 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m. or 6:15 p.m.).

Each one-hour workout presents a new daily challenge: from swinging kettlebells, to running hills, participants push, pull, lunge, crawl, jump, run, sweat and laugh themselves into the best shape of their lives.

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