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Time and time again (often while in the midst of downing some hoppy elixir in a dark corner of Brick Store or tasting the latest from the kegs at Twain’s), we wonder if there might possibly be a better place for a craft beer-lover than Decatur. Over the years, we’ve seen the quiet little hamlet transform into a land where nary a tap runs dry, complete with some of Atlanta’s first growlers, one of Esquire’s favorite bars in the country and local, homegrown suds from brewers like Wild Heaven. And if you’re still thirsting for more ways to soak up the suds, add this to your list: Blue Tarp Brewing Co., and Three Taverns Brewing.

After announcing plans last summer to set up shop in Decatur, Blue Tarp tapped their very first keg just a couple weeks ago. I stopped in to Avondale’s The Beer Growler, and they were already out of their own Blue Tarp BantamWeight keg—not too bad, considering the shop has 40something other brews on tap. They plan on opening their tasting room this spring.

In a recent Q&A with, Three Taverns founder Brian Purcell described their approach as having “Belgian inspirations with American creativity.” The brewery has been a long time dream of Purcell, who was an avid homebrewer before taking the brick-and-mortar plunge. They plan to get things a-brewin’ this spring—right alongside future beer neighbors Blue Tarp.

Indeed, the area around 111 New Street is about to become an epicenter of Decatur’s beer scene. Thanks to an ordinance recently passed to allow craft beer to be brewed in Decatur, both Three Taverns and Blue Tarp will be setting up shop in the East Decatur Station complex. And why, once again, Decatur? In Brian Purcell’s own words, Decatur has a certain “beer mojo.” We’ll raise our glass to that.

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