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STATION TO STATION- MARTA Development Project Planning

Station to Station MARTA owns some prime real estate and has been at work trying to develop some of that property for a year. Under the scheme, MARTA will issue 99-year leases for underused parking lots around its stations or the “air rights” above them to developers, who in turn will put in mixed-use projects that house transit-happy residents and tax-base-bolstering shops and restaurants.

The agency’s goal was to have five projects underway by mid-2015. To see where things stood at the start of the year (Avondale, King Memorial, and Edgewood-Candler Park), read more here… –

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Simply Seoul Kitchen’s Hannah Chung: Atlanta’s Kimchi Queen

The overnight sensation chef will soon have a stand at Ponce City Market

Posted on 4/1/2014 10:00:00 AM by Christiane Lauterbach

Photograph by Ben Rollins

Kimchi—the fiery fermented Korean condiment, often made with cabbage or radishes—is hot on the taste buds and hotter in the marketplace. Korean cuisine as a whole has been drawing buzz, due in part to the craze for fusion tacos—filled with meats like bulgogi, or grilled marinated beef—that originated in Los Angeles. Southern chefs have embraced kimchi in particular as a piquant condiment (it blends surprisingly well with grits).

Hannah Chung, founder of Simply Seoul Kitchen, is quickly becoming Atlanta’s kimchi queen. She sells her balanced, fresh-tasting versions (vegan, based on her grandmother’s recipe) at farmers markets as well as in local Whole Foods Markets. In business only since last April, the thirty-two-year-old’s seemingly overnight success began with a lucky break in 2009.

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Salute to FitWit: City of Decatur Focus March 2014

Josh Guerrieri, FitWit Founder and President, is Saluted in the City of Decatur publication, Focus magazine.  Page 8 pictures Josh with some of this year’s FitWit 2014 LiveFit contest winners.  138 New Street is home to one of the four FitWit locations.

Read more in the March issue:


La Calavera Bakery Setting Up Shop in Decatur

From Decatur Metro…

Big News for La Calavera Bakery!

East Decatur Station is so pleased to announce an invitation from La Calavera Bakery!

La CalaveraFor the last two seasons of local farmers markets, La Calavera has brought their breads and treats into the world for all to try.  It has been a thrill to see people come out every week to try something new or go for a personal favorite.

Coming soon this March, they hope that you’ll do the same on a visit very soon to…

La Calavera Bakery
747-C East College Ave.
Decatur, Ga 30030

…at the corner of Sams Street.

They anticipate a slow build over the next couple of months, leading up to a Grand Opening in March of 2014. La Calavera - YUM

Please check their Facebook page as well as the website to stay informed of their progress. They look forward to seeing you.

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Little Linguists wins “BEST OF” in Zulily’s Red tricycle awards

Developing confident, inquisitive, compassionate global citizens one tot at a time, Little Linguists International Preschool is a child-centered world languages early learning community with a holistic approach. Here, little ones from birth to age 5 learn to connect with their world in organic ways that foster a love of culture, language, service, and diversity. The best childcare choice around, Little Linguists inspires even its littlest members to take pride in learning.