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E3 Greentech Enterprises

Neighbor: E3 Greentech Enterprises

Operator: Greg Chambers

Neighborhood: East Decatur Station

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In the quest to reduce energy consumption most people struggle.  We would love to lower our monthly bills, waste less energy and reduce our impact on the environment, but accomplishing this takes work and sacrifice.  Energy conscious citizens unplug appliances, double check the house for neglected lights, even adjust their air conditioning to less-than-ideal temperatures, all to employ a more eco-friendly and frugal lifestyle.

E3 Greentech Enterprises is a company that believes the burden of good energy management should not fall on the average person. In a recent deployment of their stunning Home Energy Management System in 20 homes, E3 improved HVAC performance by 24%, reduced energy consumption at peak times by 23%, and reduced permanent energy consumption by 13%. These unprecedented statistics arrive at a time when contemporary HEMS are considered hugely successful if they reduce permanent consumption by 2-3%.

Just as impressive is the other statistic to emerge from the 20 home trial: 0 complaints.  Made up of only a few components, the systems are installed in 2 hours and can be controlled from your laptop. Users are encouraged to operate comfortably in their homes, while the E3 system reduces energy consumption by smartly adapting to your patterns.

E3 Greentech is a tight knit, passionate group of 11 veterans from the utility and energy management industry.  Though many of its players are scattered about the country, its home technology office is in the East Decatur Station complex.

“We use our location as a recruiting tool,” says Greg Chambers, the Chief Technology Officer. He commends the EDS’s green efforts, citing the solar panels in the breezeways and the recycling containers throughout the facility. “It is how energy management should be handled: integrated into the background of daily life.”

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