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Summers Here! Camps in the neighborhood…

Thats right, with it comes sighs of relief and despair from Parents everywhere. Here are some local solutions:

  • Bean Play Cafe  134 New Street

$7 per hour, per child for members ($9 nonmembers.) Flexible. sign up for a day or week. $8 option to add on a healthy lunch. Space is limited and registration is required. To sign up, call 404.828.0810 or email:

  • Imagine That! Science Camp, 185 Sams Street
Imagine that offers affordable summer camps for children ranging in age from 3-12. Their school-aged science camp offers your child an opportunity to apply science to real life. Children make balloon-power cars, learn about the science behind magic tricks, explore backyard insects, and learn the basics of physics, all while making new friends in a fun and active environment. Imagine That has something for everyone. Other Exciting topics include Goo, Gas, Rocket ships, Dinosaurs, Robots and more. All this coupled with jump time at Leapin’ Lizards, summertime is sure to be a blast.

  • Push Push Theater Camp, 121 A New Street

PushPush Theater and Film Camp – Summer 2011
  Both camps will include theater, film, and improv components, and allow students to gain hands-on experience in front of and behind the lights. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tennessee Williams, this year’s process will include an adaptation of one of his classic works. The story will intertwine theater, film and improv. The camp will culminate in a lively public performance at noon on the final Thursday and Friday of each camp. Our goals with each of these programs are to enhance participant’s imagination, communication, confidence, and thinking skills while exposing them to teamwork. Teens and youth will work separately but come together to create the final performance. The camps are challenging and require focus, but they are also fun and rewarding. We invite your young person to come play! All camps are taught by leading professional artists in their related fields.Email for more information.


  • Atlanta’s United Tae Kwon Do, 533 B West Howard Ave

Camp Overview:
Summer Camps run from 9am to 1pm each day for June 20-24. The camp day consists of 4 components: Art, Food, Community, and TKD Class. This camp is geared for Children 4-7

We hope this helps! I have had my daughter nearby in Push Push Camp in past Summers. I felt good to have her both nearby and happily occuppied.

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