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EDS Courtyard Before and After

EDS Courtyard BeforeEDS Courtyard After

  Before the courtyard became a tranquil green space and eatery spot to enjoy a beautiful day and lunch at Duck’s, it was a swimming pool for testing chemicals at the BioLab! Lunch by the pool anyone??

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East Decatur Station Before and After

627 E. College Ave Before627 E. College Ave After

Before East Decatur Station became the community it is today with lush green landscapes, large sunny windows, solar panels and a mix of colorful buildings, it was a BioLab that housed chlorine products, concrete swimming pools and test labs. Check … Continue reading

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Jabula Dog Academy – Professional Training for your Dog

Neighbor: Jabula Dog Academy Operator: Kate Jackson Neighborhood: East Decatur Station Business Address: 138 New Street Website: “Anyone can get a dog to sit.  It’s a natural position for them,� explains Kate Jackson, one of the co-founders of Jabula … Continue reading

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A Waldorf Education at Academe of the Oaks

Neighbor: Academe of the Oaks Operator: Eva Handschin & Ben Roosevelt Neighborhood: East Decatur Station Business Address: 146-148 New Street Website: A Waldorf education encourages students to develop into clear thinkers, compassionate people and life long learners. With such … Continue reading

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E3 Greentech in the News….Read All about it!!!

E3 Greentech at 114 New St is making headlines after their recent link with AT&T. E3 and AT&T have joined forces to use the Telco’s 3G wireless network for their home energy managment product that can help consumers save up … Continue reading